With the recentache and ban on online gambling in the United States, many Americans areturning to online gaming as a source of getting their poker fix. And Hollywood has made it easier to join in the fun than ever before.

You might already know the biggest names in the poker industry – you might recognize some of the names on the televised poker tournaments, the televised events at the 2003 World Series of Poker, or the 2004 Aussie Millions.

Perhaps you know some of the best poker players in the world, such as Daniel Negreanu, Tony G, Phil Ivey, Hoyt Corkins,investor pal%. Maybe, you might even liketournament poker players such as Bobby Boyd, Jennifer Harman, Gus Hansen, or Ian Taylor. However, if you have never played onlinepoker, you might want to start playing now.

The catch for many players is that to get started online, you have to choose a poker room. And online poker rooms are if not very popular, at least not as many players tend to lurk around casinos and poker rooms.

What’s the difference between online and offline poker? Mainly in offline poker, you have to deal with the thrills of being face to face with your opponent. You have to see their facial expressions, get to know their habits, and be able to spot their “tells.” However, in online poker, you don’t have to see your opponent to figure out what’s going on. You can’t read their emotions. You can’t feel the various kicks and grooves they make when they have a good hand.

But, online poker offers you more than just style and comfort. For instance, you can play 5-card stud online and win first prize with a hand like 55, suited. In real life, you would probably only win second prize with such a hand if you had 55, suited. You can enhance your poker skills, learn the “tells”, and have a lot more fun by playing5-card studgames online.

Playing online poker is a great way to learn some of the finer points of the game. It’s also great for beginning players, as they can comfortable dummy around with the various software features of online poker rooms without actually having to deal with the pressure of making a decision.

And, for someone who would like to develop their skills quicker, online poker tournaments are ideal. Online, you can find single table and multi-table tournaments. You can also find satellite games in many of the online poker rooms.

As dice are not used in poker in real life, you can play without using a table. This is an ideal game for beginning players, who don’t have a lot of practice playing single or multi-table tournaments.

When you play poker online, you also have the ability to play sur Challange. The game is available from just about the world’s top card rooms. In addition, because of the world’s wide web, you can find just about any poker game you can think of online.

Surprisingly, poker’s reputation may be growing worldwide, but in the United States, only one state, Nevada, has legalized casino gambling while most other states have either banned the practice or placed it in the realm of special legality.

If you want to play poker in the United States, you’ll have to do is to find a poker room that suits your needs and then get in line to register. You may have a bit of a waiting list, but you just have to log in and register, if you want to play poker in the United States.

Already established and popular in their field, reputable poker rooms include Party Poker, Doyle’s Room, Sportsbook.com, Titan Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, Bodog, Gus Hansen, Pinnacle poker, and many more.

By Lindsay