An exciting feature unique to online poker is the ability to play at multiple tables at the same time. Certain card rooms have restrictions on the number of simultaneous tables you can have going, however many have recently been adding multi-table options for players to enjoy. First-time players may want to take advantage of these new features to learn how to excel at poker in a multi-table environment. But if you’ve been playing ten or more tournaments at the same time you need to make a few adjustments to your game so you can win at this exciting game.

In the early stages you can play tight and wait for the right hands. You’re less likely to be involved in many hands early on and it’s easier to learn how the other players at the tables are playing. For those players who like to raise pre-flop more often than call, you’ll find fewer of those players raising in the early stages. Most often, they’ll also be playing lower pairs or middle pairs. The blinds won’t be high and it’s unlikely that you’ll be called.

Multi-Table Online Poker Play

The advantage to you as a raise-only player is that it will be harder for your opponents to put you on a hand. If a player wants to push you around you can just raise and re-raise him. When you think you’ve got the best hand, just move all-in. pokerjazz77 Your opponent will have a difficult time calling you with the worst hand. At this point, you’re in the driver’s seat and you’re winning the blinds and antes.

As the blinds go up you need to loosen up your game. Try to find a situation where you are re-raised and the other player has to act before you. If you are playing under the gun and there are no raises in front of you it’s likely your opponents will be playing tighter than this. Try playing more hands, but be very selective. Any two cards you can see can be played on this play. A raise and a reraise should be followed by a check and a fold.

As the blinds go up you should loosen up even further. Don’t be afraid to steal the blinds anymore. I only raise with a very strong hand under the gun if there are no raises in front of me. I don’t like to have to commit my chips to the pot unless I have a very strong hand.

With an open table you should be even more aggressive. Don’t worry about your hand if the flop doesn’t improve your hand. Remember you are playing blind stack and everyone is, so you will probably only be playing premium hands. Don’t be afraid of strong hands, even pocket pairs. You can always enter a pot after the flop with a large raise. Players lower than your stack can’t afford to call you without a very strong hand.

With a very aggressive table you should be able to take down the pot easily. Don’t call down with hands you don’t have unless you have a very strong hand. If you make a mistake, you can find it very costly. There’s nothing worse than losing a large stack with a hand you were sure you were going to win.

Finding the right table for your style of play is a delicate balance. You want to play at a table where the players are responsive to your raises and you are not rushed or bluffed out of pots. But, you also want to avoid the tables where people play a lot of hands. You want tight aggressive play here, but you will occasionally want to play hands. If people are falling into a pattern, look for another table.

As your experience grows, you will develop a keen sense of touch for finding the most profitable tables possible. You will also become more aware of the opponents tendencies and you can use this to your benefit if you play your cards right. Tight poker is a profitable poker game. Find out what your opponents are playing and you will be on your way.

By Lindsay