At all times in the Texas holdem game it is important to be aware of when to fold and when to go all in. togel hk siang Some of the crucial decisions come during the pre-flop round when you can see your opponents cards, but now it is the middle of the game when you have to make the most chips. In the pre-flop round you don’t know where you stand because you have no clue what other are holding. In the blinds you will often be re-raising all the time and in the flop you will be re-raising a lot more. The point is, you don’t know who is holding what cards and until the river you just have a guess.

The problem with this is that most of the time you will have to fold and you will only know because you folded. You won’t know if you should call, re-raise or if you should fold. In fact you will often find yourself playing blind or limp with big hands. The times that you DO have a good hand in the later stages of the game are much more likely to get you in trouble.

Texas Holdem – Know When to Fold and When to Go

The issue of being card dead is a common problem among inexperienced poker players. Then when they find themselves card dead, they become desperate and river more hands than they should. This phenomenon is fairly common in low limit games and between as players tend to drive the betting with hands such as pocket sevens in an effort to make up for the hands that they are missing. togel hk siang The problem is that the hands you were trying to conceal you will pop up at the cutoff and you will find that you have nothing more then air.

The fundamental rule of thumb is to play a tight game when you are card dead. You should only be playing hands that premium hands would play heads up or in multiway pots. With that said, you can play suited cards, small and medium pocket pairs, as well as suited connectors. The hands that you can safely fade are pocket pairs, suited connectors, and a host of other hands that you are unsure of whether or not to play at the moment.

The point is, when you are card dead, you need to tighten up your game. You need to remember that you do not have the best hand and the hands that you think you might have can be beaten by a better hand. If you are not sure whether or not to play a certain hand, fold it until you have a better idea of the type of hands that you are up against.

By Lindsay