Make Money Sports Betting - 3 Essential Ways to Make Money Sports Betting

Make Money Sport Betting – 3 Essential Ways to Make Money Sports Betting Č If you want to make money sports betting, then you need to address some important issues. Like, if you want to win your bets, you need to address what factors affect a team’s win loss record. Until you start winning your bets, you should not expect you will ever win.

Perennial Super-Bowl participants make about 2 or 3 Super Bowls every year. So, you may ask why a perennial powerhouse like the New England Patriots or Indianapolis Colts continue to remain among the NFL’s best. The answer is pretty simple. They have invested more than anyone else in the NFL.

AFC East leads the way with six of the teams that make up the bulk of the AFC having met three other teams from the East and another from the West. Yet, the dominance is not absolute, as there is some parity in the West. Amazingly, the Jets and the Jets have yet to meet in the playoffs, but both teams will be in the mix this weekend.

Which leads me to my third AFC East trend: The 4th and 5th seeds, despite being byes, are extremely difficult to predict to lose. In fact, only one of the four remaining teams in the AFC has a losing record against the fourth and fifth seeds. When you factor in the bye week, there are 14 teams remaining that haven’t already lost two games against the cylinder. Only the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns play Week Four games with anything less than a jaunt in the first two weeks.

Turning to the standings, the Chargers are the hottest team in the league, while the Eagles are enjoying their most successful season. The two teams met in the season’s second game this past weekend and Philadelphia won 20-17 as the Chargers held the tempo in the second half.

All AFC teams are in action this weekend with the Carolina Panthers making the first of two visit to the big post. The Eagles have the longest home winning streak in the NFL at six straight games, while the visiting Chargers are the league’s only team with an inadvertent six-game winning streak. (For the record, the Chargers also have a bye this weekend.)

These are the turns of two teams, with the AFCer having the better overall record and the NFCer the better spread record. Sitting in the middle of this AFC field are the practice squaders the Oakland Raiders. It’s a teams race to the middle in the AFC East, with the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins, the teams that fell out of contention at the end of the season, much to the delight of a once-loved league.

In fact, three teams stand out from the pack of teams that just missed the playoffs. They are the Bengals, the Ravens and the Broncos. The reason these three teams are in the playoffs, other than luck, is because they happen to be against the Steelers, the Jets and the Patriots, three teams that should shake the Birds.

The Jets and Chiefs both have comfortable leads in their divisions as well as home fields whenever they play each other. The three-way tie for the AFC West, the Chiefs at 2-1, the Ravens at 4-1 and the Patriots at 3-1 in the AFC East is actually a nearly even match. All of which means the Jets and Chiefs could be in the playoffs next month.

In the North, the Packers are having a miserable season at 3-7. However, they are in the same division as the Ravens, who at 4-1 hang around. If the Packers can somehow win in Baltimore, they will have covered the 10 1/2-point favorite and will likely be one of the two AFC North teams to reach the NFC title game.

The Broncos are the second-best team in the AFC and are in the same conference as the Chiefs, Ravens and Steelers. However, the AFC West is still up for grabs and the AFC South is the team to beat. Denver is favored by 10 1/2 points to win its division at

It’s a 33-game NFL season and there is plenty of football left. Some important notes to remember to wager on the

  • The Patriots are still the top rated team in the NFL.
  • ANYONE can win the Super Bowl.
  • Habitually, home teams are a slight favorite against the spread.
  • Home underdogs are a slight favorite against the spread also.
  • Home underdogs are a slight favorite against the spread when they favourable the spread.
  • Going against the public covers a lot of points, not just the over.
  • Almost half of the 30 NFL teams are favoured by two, three, or four points.
  • Teasers obscure the outcome of the game, not just the over.

By Lindsay