How to Rush Your Online Poker Play

Playing from the comfort of your home or office on your PC is an enjoyable pastime – but not when the casino is interrupting your flow. It’s also troublesome to try to cope with Five Truths about Online Casinos and Poker Hands before you go on to play. Truths No. 1 to the best poker play is that you should never play when you’re drunk. There are plenty of poker players who waste their money by playing while they’re drunk, and they can be excused, because they are obviously lacking in intelligence and have no control over their common sense.

Some people who play online poker drunk are bound to make stupid decisions and their bad decisions will not be influenced by the Alcohol kind of memory.

Here are Five Reasons why you should never play online poker drunk –

  1. You will play more loosely.

With less distractions, you will be able to focuses more on your own game and System, and you will be able to execute your strategies better. Players who are more focused on their hands, on the ground rules and pot odds serves them better. This is the most certain way to win poker.

  1. You will win all your money.

Online poker is competitive, but it’s not something you compete against dozens of others like in the casino. You are out there by yourself and the only way to win is to be a lot better than your opponents, which you can’t do if you’re drunk.

  1. You will end up becoming a better poker player.

The more you play poker, the more you will become better. You can only imagine the feeling you will experience when you will win a lot of money because you are a better poker player than other.

  1. You will lose all your money.

See number 3, this is only possible if you are playing online. If you are in a casino and you know you can’t afford to bet, or you don’t have enough money, don’t play.

  1. You will cheat.

Online poker, although is not computer based, is still prone to hackers. The newest and most expensive threat is poker cheating, a lot of casino sites are monitoring and taking precautions. But stick with you regular and effective strategies, the one’s that you are most familiar with and you feel secure with.

So is online poker safe?

To answer this question we should remember that online poker is still not safe. Like any computer software or product in the internet it is prone to viruses and programmers that have only intent to steal your money and Clemens we’ve mentioned earlier. Although online poker rooms are being linked with less and less computer attacks the threat is still there.

However, online poker rooms are being monitored by poker players all around the world. Poker players safety is a lot valued and internet poker is no exception. In fact online poker is safer in many ways, because the internet poker rooms are under constant surveillance for cheaters and collusion by poker players that can potentially steal your bankroll and account.

So is online poker cheating?

To some degree, yes. Online Poker is not risk free, the draw is that you are playing against real people. Online Poker is a computer game, it’s controlled by a small browser and it’s impossible to know if the other players are really are your friends or not. This means that potential cheaters can slips past your firewall undetected and steal your bankroll. Although this is very rare, it still happens.

The solution to this is simple, choose websites that are designed with two purposes, one to get you to play games and the other to get you to spend money. Check out websites like paddy power poker, poker stars, and bodog poker, they all have some of the best promotions and bonuses for new players and high roller players. Plus they have some of the safest software available on line. Poker is not a game of probability, it’s a game of possibility, so if you know the software you can parents where necessary.

Online Dewabet can be fun and a great way to win some money, but it should also be noted as a way to have fun. When playing poker online, it’s important to remember to indulge in some of your own chat privileges, to make friends and to play freely, without rushing your game. When playing in poker rooms that have real money prizes, remember that real people are playing with real money and that should be taken seriously. Don’t be overanxious to win, because if you do lose, you will have lots of time to contemplate your mistakes.

By Lindsay