Finding the Best Online Poker Sites

So you want to be a big shot, stay cool and win that freeze-out tournament. You have an inkling that poker is something you were born to do, but where you live no one you know knows the rules, there is no casino in over one hundred miles and you’d feel intimidated anyway. Then there is the aspect of luck, you’ll have to be a pretender to win with nothing, but there is something inspiring about the idea of winning a pot of gold.

While luck certainly helps, poker is a game of skill. The initial step to learning the game is to find a good poker room where to play. At present online poker sites have made this process a little easier with few different types of players in one site with limits ranging from penny bets to multi-million pound games.

Finding a good poker room is the first step to making a deposit. Make sure to check the validity of the site you are joining, what games are on offer and competition level of the tables. Be sure to find out the security level of the site, especially if you play online in public computers. After finding a poker-room have a look around and see how the site is laid out, especially with regards to the graphic layout of the tables.

Find out how many players are invited to your table as well as pay out of the buy in for each player to take part in the game. When finding a poker site verify the maximum number of players allowed on a table with your chosen poker site. With ten players allowed in your poker room and receiving pay out 50-100%, the rake will be about 1%, making it a little more difficult to profit from poker sites with larger traffic.

Most sites allow you to choose your table color. If you prefer to play Texas Hold’em and Omaha be sure to find a table that allows you to play those as well. Finding a poker site with smaller traffic is a great way to increase your profits if you know how to play poker. While you may find a poker site with larger traffic, chances are you will not be able to capitalize on the smaller number of players.

For those who play poker online and already have a few no deposit bonuses and raises, this can be a great way to increase your bankroll without too much of a risk. Hold on to those winnings, as they are likely to be tempting you to play for more money. If possible, play for no more than an hour or two, as this is a long way to sit and play.

Anther way to make a little money from playing poker is by using Dewavegas. Many sites will offer you money or a deposit bonus just for signing up with their site. The catch is that you have to play a certain number of raked rounds before you can withdraw the bonus or the deposit bonus. Also, make sure you know the site checks your account regularly. If you have to play a lot of hands before withdrawing the bonus, you will most likely not be able to withdraw very much. Most sites also offer a daily big game to increase your raked rounds, so you may want to wait to withdraw any winnings until these games have been completed.

Keeping track of your poker Playing streaks is also important. By keeping track of the number of hands you have played, the times you have played a certain hand, the amount of rake you have paid, and the number of tournaments you have completed, you can set a goal. This is the number of hours you should play poker before you reach your goal, so that you are funded for the walking while playing and the playing for pay.

Most of the poker sites also offer a web cam accessory that will allow you to see opponents faces and hands. This adds another dimension of interaction when you are playing as people can’t see your own actions. Hands can be viewed from all cardinal directions and you will need to approve of the user interface design and software. The interface can be turned to simple mode, wherein it is easier to use and everything is simpler. In real life poker you would be hard pressed to find someone who uses a webcam.

The cards in Hold’em are owned by the player and not the dealer. The dealer holds a royal flush separate from the cards. It is nice to know the cards in your hand because it gives you extra information as to what cards you opponents may have. You can tell if the opponents have five cards, two pairs, or they may have three of a kind, for example. Both the cards and the hand are shown to the player and the player has the option to view his cards or not.

After all the final actions are taken relative to the game, the hand is shown to the opponent.

By Lindsay