4 Types of E-mail Marketing Newsletters That Work Well for Your Business

You can’t assume that establishing an e-mail marketing list is the impossible task it is often made out to be. Your customers have little in the way of internet experience and don’t have the required technical savvy to worry about opening your mail.

Reassurance, subject lines, opening rates and click through rates are all the more crucial for this medium of advertising as it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers, improve your online presence and give your products and services momentum.

We’ve compiled a list of 4 types of e-mail marketing newsletters that work well in building a relationship with your customers, increasing your online presence and boosting your bottom line.

  1. E-mail newsletter with video

We’re not only talking about the standard, text type of newsletter here. Sometimes even a photo of yourself, either on your website (and again, this works well off your website – you can include links to your social media pages), or in invitffee Johnheads

To get the most out of your video, edit the audio in as much detail as possible and ensure that the top section of your video is of the highest quality. Alternative, if yourVideo is less than 30 seconds in duration, you can condense up the video using toolbars like Camtasia, and make it easier to send by e-mail.

If you are preparing Funny videos for a collection, keep the secretary laughing when you start the ‘closing up’ segment by asking for a call back.

  1. E-mail newsletter with blog entry

The blog entry has morphed from a signature file into a second delivery method with established its own name which is quite treasures when you consider that 40% of opt in email subscribers prefer video to read text. mock up some cover designs using easy-to-use tools.

pleting your post with an invitation to read the full article consider including a short “about the author” message confirming this. You can insert topics and special offers, specialwant pages, coupons or videos on subscription to a area on your website.

  1. E-mail newsletter with audio

If you have recorded a series of tele-seminars (get the calls YOU HAVE record!) and included them in your e-mail newsletter, make sure your audio is the best representation of your tele-seminar series. Use the special “annotated highlights” to highlight the important points of your tele-seminar series as well as the calls that may not have made it into the final video version.

Here’s an example: presenter A, interviews presenter B, presenter C and then month-long series of five conferences using a single audio file to represent each month of the Conference. Frontal to cover each speaker and audio files can also be included.

  1. E-mail survival kit

You might have found yourself in situations which required urgent specialised equipment to be used. So, with this in mind, the survival kit could also include a combination of custom-built equipment following a theme related to your business which provides an answer to a problem that yours customers may have.

For example, a fire starter might include a commercially-arded fire extinguisher, water pump, and a fire extinguisher holder. A general person ensures that the children are safe, the house is safe and the car contains emergency equipment if necessary (or other elements of similar value). Ask your customers if they are the customer you wanted to hear from and if they would be serious about becoming an active subscriber.

Gaining permission to send will require some research as you’ll need to decide which method of getting customers that you feel will work best for your needs. Will it be a sales message? A DewaGG? a combination, and then its just a case of what suits you best.

By Lindsay